Best OnePlus 10T screen protectors 2022

Keep the display pristine using these OnePlus 10T screen protectors

Protect that powerful OnePlus 10T display

OnePlus 10T starts at $649 and offers the promise of strong performance, thanks to the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform and up to 16GB of RAM, and superfast charging at 150W. 

1. Suttkue Screen and Camera Lens Protector for OnePlus 10T


If you wish to protect the screen and the camera assembly on your OnePlus 10T from a single purchase, this product by Suttkue will make an excellent choice. The pack consists of two sets of tempered glass for the display, and two camera lens protectors. The 9H hardness rating on both products means they will easily resist scratches and impacts.

2. Draxlgon Hydrogel Film Protector for OnePlus 10T

Be flexible

This product by Draxlgon would be a good choice if you're looking for something similar to the pre-applied screen protector for your OnePlus 10T, just in case the default one gets scratched and you'd like to replace it. In addition to being thin, its design allows you to add any case to your device. Also, this TPU screen protector comes in a pack of two, so it won't be a problem if one gets damaged.

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Protector for OnePlus 10T

Bona fide reputation

This screen protector by Supershieldz will be perfect for your OnePlus 10T if you're on a budget. Two tempered glass protectors are included in the pack to protect the display. Each of them has an oil and water-resistant coating to reduce fingerprints and sweat while using the device. Moreover, the 9H hardness is sufficient to protect the display from dreadful scratches in daily usage.

Orzero Screen Protector for OnePlus 10T

High on economy

For klutzes who tend to break or scratch their phone's glass frequently, this pack of three screen protectors from Orzero might just be perfect. The hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings protect against fingerprint residues, as well as oil or sweat. With precision cutting around the edges, you can expect a great fit with cases.

AISELAN Screen Protector for OnePlus 10T

Edge-to-edge protection

This screen protector by AISELAN will be the ideal pick if you want something with a black border that perfectly matches the bezels of the OnePlus 10T. The 2.5D curved edges wrap around the display's edges, ensuring ease when using swipe gestures. The screen protector comes in a pack of two, and provides bubble-free application and oil-resistant coating to ensure a smooth experience.

Official OnePlus 10T 3D Tempered Glass

The premium choice

The official tempered glass for the OnePlus 10T has a 3D curvature along the edges that safeguard the display against nasty drops. With this being the official OnePlus 10T screen protector, you can expect a perfect fit. At the same time, the hardened 9H surface will offer outstanding durability against pointy objects that can potentially scratch the display otherwise.

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